“I am the vine, you are the shoots. Who remains in me and I in him, brings a lot of fruit”

   Enchant yourself by the beauty of the nature in improved      velvet-soft, bright  grinding.




How everything began:


Roxane and wood – wood and Roxane, these two cannot be separated. “RoxWood” was born!


Everything started with a vine. I thought it looked like a flamenco dancer and started to put her on an elegant dress: I sharpened the wood until it shined like marble and filled the cracks with brass and the knotholes with opals.

Ever since I am lost, I admit, I´m addicted. Addicted to the absolute finishing. I am not satisfied until I reached a surface soft as silk, until I haven´t found the perfect stone for every hole, until I haven´t filled every crack perfectly with metal.

It is important to me, that I always adapt the stones and the metals to the wood, not vice versa, so the natural form and beauty of the vine and beech doesn’t change but is underlined.

Finally, each piece is treated with pure linseed oil that enforces the color and grain and protects against environmental factors.


Every vine, every piece of wood is unique. I love to touch the wood, to work with love the details and to see, how from an almost insignificant piece surges a wonderful and unique sculpture.
What a pity, that right now you can only see the pictures on the screen and not sense the soft touch!

How I work:


Every piece is unique:

Only the best materials: old vines, grained beech, precious stones
Preservation of the beauty given by nature: forms of the vines are not changed, the special grain of the beech is underlined by individual styling.


Only the best materials: old vines, grained beech, precious and semiprecious stones, pure brass, copper, tin and gold.

Extreme finishing: it doesn´t stop with sandpaper grain 400, there I just start with a total of 17 grindings, and each single one handmade…


Never twice the same, every piece is unique: as everything in nature is as unique created, it remains unique and receives its “ special finishing”


Enjoy vine and art – don´t separate both – the miracle of vine does not end with the juice of its fruits!


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